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Our Consulting Program

Berkeley Consulting Program is Characterized By:
  • More than 10years of college admission consulting experience by Director Benjamin Huh M.ed, who has sent hundreds of students to top US colleges including IVY leagues schools
  • Our admission record includes global students from top boarding schools such as Phillips Andover,Exeter, St Paul in the US as well as students from Australia, India, Switzerland, South Africa and international schools such as SFS,SIS in Korea
  • Admission consulting based on statistical data from each college’s admission statistics has led to high acceptance rate among his students

  • Berkeley Consulting Program Offers:
  • College Choice
  • Application Data check-optional with extra charge
  • Essay Consulting
  • Resume & Interview Preparation
  • Portfolio(Online Portfolio Samples: Mark Song, Jorge Nam, Cindy Cho)-Optional with extra charge
  • Document & Email follow up Until Admission
  • Assist on Documentation for International Students Including I-20 & SAVIS-Optional with extra charge

  • Our mission is to lead our students to reach the highest academic goal and achieve the most successful professional path. Berkeley’s consulting staff has demonstrated its profession for the past decade and will continue to accomplish its mission.

    Education World

    College Application Consulting

    1. Personal Evaluation
  • Quantitative: GPA + AP, SAT I, SAT II
  • Qualitative: Extra Curricular Activities, Community Service, Recognition & Award History
  • 2. College Selection
  • Analysis on College Admission Data
  • Requirement
  • Analysis on Competitiveness + Major Areas
  • Binding Agreement
  • 3. Application Complete (Common Application + Supplement to Application)
    4. Student Profile
  • Extra Curricular Activities: Club Activity, Sports, Leadership Conference, Summer Program
  • Qualitative: Extra Curricular Activities, Community Service, Recognition & Award History
  • 5. Application Essay Consulting + Editing Interviewing Personal Background + Idea Developing + Advising
    6. Recommendation Manage
    7. Interview Practice Manage
    8. Corresponding with Admission Officers by E-Mail)
    9. Follow up on Admission Procedure until Final Decision

    College App Consulting Packages

    1. Personal EvaluationFull Consulting Package – 64Hour Package at $6,400

    Full consultation on College Selection & Major choices based on detailed analysis of student’s academics and Extra Curricular Activities, PLUS Brainstorm on Essay Sources and Essay work. Resume work & Interview Practice. Profile Prep and Project or Internship report. Portfolio or Website creation work. Full follow up on any corresponding materials or request to college Admissions office.

  • Common App Main Essay
  • One ED/EA School supplement Essay
  • UC Essays
  • Coalition App Main Essay
  • 6 Common App School supplement Essays
  • 2 Non Common App School Essays or Coalition App supplement Essays
  • Extra charge for website creation or project report

  • 2. Premium Essay Package -56 Hour Package at $5,600
  • All of above College App Essay works without the full consulting work

  • 3. Basic Essay Package – 36 Hour Essay only Package at $3,600
  • Common App Main Essay
  • One ED/EA School Essay
  • UC Essays
  • 4 Common App School Essays

  • 4. Essay Edition only
  • 12 Hour Essay Package at $1,200
  • 24 Hour Essay Package at $2,400

  • 5. Year round Academic Consulting Package - $360/month(3months minimum)
  • 3 – 6- 12 month Packages
  • 10 Successful College Admission Students Case

    1. Leo Kim

  • Admitted University: U PENN Wharton Jerome Fischer Program
  • Major/School: Dual Degree of Business & Engineering 
  • Highschool Graduated: Sage Hill Private Highschool, Newport, California 
  • Activities: Archery, Choir, Business Internship, Science Research Project Internship Report on Hubble Space Telescope Study with Graduate School Scholars 
  • Key Factors of Admission: Winner of various Archery Competitions including Korean National Athletic Competition and Most Advanced Math Courses including College Math of Multi Variable Calculus, Differential EQ and Linear Algebra with all A's taken at UC Irvine with College Students. AMC Olympiad member...
  • 2. George Nam

  • Admitted University: Stanford
  • Major/School: Political Science 
  • Highschool Graduated: Paraguay HS Taught in Spanish native language 
  • Activities: ASB President, Various Community Service for Native Paraguayan ethnic group, Student Leadership
  • Key Factors of Admission: Strong will of becoming President of Paraguay, Recommendation from Paraguay President, Very Impressive Website work on his profile
  • Comment:
  • 3. Cindy Cho

  • Admitted University: Johns Hopkins University
  • Major/School: International Relation
  • Highschool Graduated: Bellevue High School, Bellevue Wa 
  • Activities: JSB Top Officer, Internship for the Major of the City of Bellevue,Wa 
  • Key Factors of Admission: Many Leadership position for Student Clubs for Woman’s Right and Minority and Evironmental Protection, Website showing most of her leadership as well as her ambition and commitment for her future career to serve UN and its agency
  • 4. Johanna Lee

  • Admitted University: Harvard
  • Major/School: Political Science
  • Highschool Graduated: Irvine High School
  • Activities: SB regional executive officer, Internship for Minority and Woman’s Right, Many Leadership positions and Community Services for Hispanic Underprivileged Ethnic groups .. 
  • Key Factors of Admission: Perfect score on SAT and ACT and Strong Summer Activity on Statemanship Camp
  • 5. Sean Chang

  • Admitted University: Stanford
  • Major/School: C/S Engineering
  • Highschool Graduated: St. Margaret Private HS in Orange County 
  • Activities: Top Rank in Archery, Project on Archery and Physics, Internship and Summer Camp
  • Key Factors of Admission: Very Strong Math and Science and Archery Project
  • 6. Chelsea Kim

  • Admitted University: Culumbia Fu Engineering
  • Major/School: Engineering 
  • Highschool Graduated: Georgia Christian Academy
  • Activities: Fine Art-Drawing, U Penn LBW Summer Program, Chemistry Science Journal, Community Service with her Art talent 
  • Key Factors of Admission: Science Journal Project under Georgia Tech professor, Strong Art Portfolio, Wharton’s LBW
  • 7. Max Yoon

  • Admitted University: Columbia
  • Major/School: Biology
  • Highschool Graduated: Shanghai American School, Pudong China 
  • Activities: Author of the Science Journal on Carnivorous Plants in Korean Peninsula, Research on Wet Land and environment
  • Key Factors of Admission: His 6 years of Research work on Carnivorous Plants and strong commitment for the Environmental Protection
  • 8. Daniel Huh

  • Admitted University: Harvard
  • Major/School: Political Science/Econ 
  • Highschool Graduated: Seoul Foreign School-SFS in Seoul, Korea 
  • Activities: ASB, Community Service in NYC Homeless Shelter and Emergency Care Unit, Strong Leadership on various School Club activities 
  • Key Factors of Admission: Project Paper on his experience with NYC Homeless shelter and its social issues and top academic performance
  • 9. A. Hwang

  • Admitted University: U Penn Wharton Business
  • Major/School: Business
  • Highschool Graduated: Lake High School, Lake wood, Wa 
  • Activities: Summer Internship with Mortgage Company, Leadership in various Community Project 
  • Key Factors of Admission: Very vibrant social skills particularly in Business aspect, raising total of 2.0 million dollars for House Mortgage Refinancing with coworkers through his internship opportunity with bankers. Top academic performance and very attractive social skills
  • 10. Brian Kim

  • Admitted University: Northwestern Accelerated Medical Program (HPME)
  • Major/School: Medicine
  • Highschool Graduated: SFS-Seoul Foreign School, Seoul, Korea 
  • Activities: Various Community Service through Hospitals and Summer Internship 
  • Key Factors of Admission: Strong Commitment in Medical Practice particularly for the disabled people, Very Impressive motivation of his desire to become Doctor from his family background, top academic performance.
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